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What is Plaza San Arvino
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Plaza San Arvino is a multifunction cultural and business plaza located in magical San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, declared a World Heritage site by the UNESCO since the year 2003.

In San Miguel there are more festivals then days in the year. Expatriates from around the world are attracted to San Miguel's charm, climate and security. Event guests and exhibitors at Plaza San Arvino have no shortage of evening and off day activities. San Miguel de Allende hotel space is amply abundant and varied in price to accommodate large attendances. A plethora of restaurants lines the streets.
Plaza San Arvino
La Rosa 28
Colonia Allende
San Miguel de Allende
GTO, Mexico 37760
tel 52 415 154 7812

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Plaza San Arvino is now inviting Promoters and Event Planners to contact Mauricio Bolivar concerning their future events

Academia de Circo  -enrollment for circus arts classes has begun

Coming soon - Raising of the Goose
MEXICAN Beach Season soon to begin

Sad News - San Miguel indiscrimately painted over bueatiful Street Art.

Mao Zedong said "the walls tell the truth".

Check out the Media section for SMA Wall Art slideshows

PLAZA SAN ARVIN supports street artists and will soon host a Wall Art Contest for people of all ages.  

Stay tuned for more contest info.