Plaza San Arvino borrowed its name from its patron saint San Arvino the saint of the lazy people.   San Arvino advocated "freedom of time through economy of labor".   Plaza San Arvino's goal is to be a "playground for the creative".   Come enjoy your free time at Plaza San Arvino.

Our Vision
Plaza San Arvino Activities
Food and Beverage
Corporate Events
Circus Academy
Art and Crafts Events
Industrial Exhibitions
Car and Motorcycle Exhibitions
Farm Equipment Exhibitions
Spiritual Gatherings
Theatrical Performances
Retail Businesses
Music and Comedy Concerts
Sculpture Exhibits
Art Gallery
Meeting Rooms
Banquet Rooms
Educational Programs
Multidiscipline Workshops
Book Exchange Gatherings
Motor Scooter Rental
Yoga and Exercise Classes
Real Estate Seminars
Political Rallies
Psychology Conferences
Medical Conferences
Travel Shows
Birthday and Private Parties
Professional Conventions
Hobby Shows

Plaza San Arvino
La Rosa 28
Colonia Allende
San Miguel de Allende
GTO, Mexico 37760
tel 52 415 154 7812

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